About the Author

Dwain Camps is a seasoned project manager specializing in business solutions delivered through software development and implementation. Because performance often takes the forefront when it comes to customer satisfaction in software applications, his technical focus is in high-performance T-SQL.

Dwain believes that developing high performance T-SQL code can be achieved by learning best practices, memorizing specific code patterns that deliver the highest performance for a specific solution and developing the expertise to apply these methods as new business problems surface.

You can read my extended bio here.

Dwain is a frequent contributor to forum questions on www.sqlservercentral.com.  He is also a frequent author of articles on T-SQL and you can view his articles at these links:

Or you can follow him as DwainCSQL on Twitter.

Throughout his career, he’s had the opportunity to learn and contribute in the following business domains:

  • Customs Clearing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems covering major areas of Financials, Purchasing, Distribution and Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management, especially Express Distribution
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Web Enabling Technologies
  • Product Pricing Analysis and Methodology
  • Decision Support Systems for Financial Planning and Reporting
  • Software for Network Management
  • Engineering and Numerically Intensive Applications such as Power System and Demand Side Planning, Electric Power Distribution, Material Accounting and Chemical Process Engineering
  • HR and Administrative systems

Most importantly, T-SQL is his passion, the reason for creating this blog and why he calls himself a SQL Performance Evangelist.


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